Thursday, December 11, 2008

Baked Lemon Pudding

This came out a lot like a souffle. Not my favorite...

Baked Lemon Pudding

3 eggs, separated
2 tsp. grated lemon rind
1 ½ c. milk
¼ c. fresh lemon juice
2 tsp. butter or margarine, melted
1 ½ c. sugar, divided
½ c. all-purpose flour
½ tsp. baking powder
¼ tsp. salt
Whipped cream
Garnish: grated lemon zest, fresh blueberries

Beat egg yolks at medium speed with an electric mixer until thick and pale; add lemon rind and next 3 ingredients, beating well.
Combine 1 c. sugar and next 3 ingredients; add to lemon mixture, beating until smooth.
Beat egg whites until soft peaks form; add remaining ½ c. sugar and beat until blended. Fold into lemon mixture. Pour into greased 2-quart baking dish. Place baking dish in a large shallow pan. Add hot water to pan to depth of 1”.
Bake at 350˚ for 45 minutes or just until center is set. Remove baking dish from water bath; cool completely on a wire rack. Cover and chill at least 1 hour. Top with whipped cream, and garnish, if desired.

Yield: 8-10 servings

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